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Strata ring, Aquamarine in silver interlaced with cube


Whether worn as an everyday accessory or showcased on special occasions, this contemporary ring with an aquamarine and silver cube will undoubtedly draw admiration and spark conversations.
The combination of the aquamarine and silver cube in this ring creates a striking contrast that effortlessly fuses natural and industrial elements. The ethereal blue of the aquamarine gemstone beautifully complements the cool metallic sheen of the silver cube, resulting in a visually captivating composition. This unique juxtaposition makes the ring a true statement piece, capable of elevating any ensemble with its contemporary charm.

Strata ring, Aquamarine in silver interlaced with cube. The band is 7mm wide
This ring is UK size P

Aquamarine - 12.5mm - 9.5mm
The stone was mined and cut in Pakistan

This ring is one off, using unique stones but similar ring are available in any ring size. Please message me with your requirements to see suitable stones and designs