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Rhodolite garnet in silver claw setting, interlaced with cube


A contemporary ring featuring a rhodolite garnet in a silver claw setting interlaced with a cube. Blending an industrial design element with the natural beauty of the gemstone.
The oversized silver claw setting securely hold the rhodolite garnet in place, allowing maximum visibility and light penetration to showcase the gemstone's captivating colour.
The cube, also made of sterling silver, adds an intriguing geometric aspect to the design. It may be positioned in a way that intersects the silver prongs , creating a contrast between the acicular setting and the angular lines of the cube.
The contemporary aesthetic of this ring is further enhanced by its clean lines and minimalistic approach. The emphasis is placed on the rhodolite garnet, allowing its captivating hue to be the centrepiece of the design.

Rhodolite garnet in silver claw setting, interlaced with cube. The band is 4.4mm wide
This ring is UK size P

Garnet - 6.5mm

This ring is one off, using unique stones but similar ring are available in any ring size. Please message me with your requirements to see suitable stones and designs