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Chris Boland Designs

Contemporary gold ring set with salt and pepper diamonds


The gold ring set with diamonds, inspired by brutalist architecture, is a bold and striking piece that seamlessly fuses elegance with raw industrial aesthetics. Designed to captivate attention and exude a sense of power, it draws inspiration from the brutalist movement, which celebrates an honest use of materials and geometric forms.
The band of the ring is hand-crafted from 18-carat gold, showcasing the materials warm, lustrous tone complements the diamonds' brilliance, creating a captivating contrast between the precious metal and the scintillating gemstones.
At the centre of the ring, there is a significant feature – a dominant, 1.2ct salt and pepper diamond that serves as the focal point. The diamond is strategically placed to mimic the core of a towering brutalist building, anchoring the overall design with strength and stability. Its multifaceted does not seek to hid the stones inclusions, but celebrates them, symbolizing the interplay of shadows and light that is characteristic of brutalist architecture.
Alongside the central diamond, a series of smaller diamonds set in a linear block, interacting the main stone. The arrangement of these diamonds adds both depth and dimension to the ring, creating an illusion of movement, where the asymmetry leads the eye around the piece
The overall shape of the ring is geometric and unapologetically bold, paying homage to the characteristic angular and asymmetrical forms prominent in brutalist design.

Every part of the ring, from alloying the gold, construction of the piece and setting of the stones, was done in house by Chris Boland

The band is 4.2mm wide

Main Diamond, 1.2ct, 6.5mm round brilliant salt and pepper
Side Diamonds, 2.2mm, total weight 0.22ct

Size UK O