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Chris Boland Designs

About Chris Boland

My fascination of inorganic structure is used to inform my bespoke jewellery pieces. Strong, bold shapes stress the unique qualities of the inclusions of the gemstones. I draw inspiration from surface treatment of architectural metalwork and sculpture, where marks made during the construction of the work are allowed to remain or are emphasized.

For Me, the authorship lies very much in the making on the object. I work in metal, directly exploring the physical properties of the material. What is presented is not a facsimile of works in wax or additive manufacture but a primary reaction of tools on metal.
From conception, the jewellery is minimal and fundamental. However, through the construction process; complexity is built in to the piece from inaccuracies and layering. Always by design, the stone is offered up to the viewer, always in a pleasing and unusual way.

The story of the gemstone is of fundamental importance in my work and so all the stones used are natural and not overly treated. My belief is that it is important to tell the story of the stones using unique designs in metal.